unexpected territories – david tudor Exhibitions, Concerts, Conference, Workshops
1.7. – 10.7.2022
St. Elisabeth Church, Villa Elisabeth, ACUD Gallery, Meinblau Project Space

The series »unexpected territories« by singuhrprojekte explores the traces of the American interpreter, composer, performer and pioneer of live electronics David Tudor (1926-1996). Tudor is one of the central figures in the American and international music scene after the second world war.
The focus of »unexpected territories« is on the concrete-practical effects of Tudor's ideas, utopias and works in the present. Tudor's artistic companions, collaborators, selected sound artists and composers are invited to both re-perform Tudor’s works and reflect on David Tudor's works and concepts and to work with them in new artistic productions. The program presents five exhibitions, seven concerts, three workshops and a conference.

Video documentation (Vimeo Link)

2.7. – 10.7., daily 14:00–20:00
Opening tour: 2.7. from 14:00
Start: Meinblau Projektraum (Performance)

Meinblau Project Space, ACUD Gallery, Villa Elisabeth
Admission free

1.7. – 19:00 – Villa Elisabeth
1.7. – 20:30 – Villa Elisabeth
Works by David Tudor, Phil Edelstein and Mats Lindström

2.7. – 19:00 – Villa Elisabeth
2.7. – 20:30 – Villa Elisabeth
Works by David Tudor, Jan St. Werner & Michael Akstaller

8.7. – 19:00 – St. Elisabeth Church
8.7. – 20:30 – St. Elisabeth Church
Works by David Tudor, Laura Mello & Wolfgang Musil, Monobirds Orchestra

9.7. – 19:00 – St. Elisabeth Church
Works by hans w. koch, Michael Johnsen, David Tudor

Ticket: 12€/8€
Combi-Ticket: 18€/12€

3.7. – 14:00-20:00 – Villa Elisabeth
Lectures and talks by and with You Nakai, Michael Johnsen, Miriam Akkermann, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Matt Rogalsky, Mats Lindström, Andrea Neumann and Julia H. Schröder (moderation)
Admission free

4.7.+5.7. – 15:00–21:00 – Berlin School of Sound (ACUD)
Michael Johnsen »Acoustic and electronic feedback as a compositional tool«
John Driscoll »Speaking in Tongues – workshop with ultrasonic instruments«
Phil Edelstein »Resonance and Space«

Lecture — Demonstration
6.7. –  18:00–22:00 – Villa Elisabeth
David Tudor »Island Eye, Island Ear«
Lectures, Talks, Sounds, Sketches and Videos about Tudors never realized outdoor project
with Julie Martin,You Nakai, Jacob Kirkegaard, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein
Admission free

David Tudor (1926 – 1996)
Participating Artists

Villa Elisabeth, St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin
ACUD Galerie, Berlin School of Sounds, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
Meinblau Projektraum, Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin

Tech Direction/Sound: Eckehard Güther
Sound engineering: Valentin Lux, Robin Rutenberg, Carlo Grippa
Light: Jörg Bittner, Joachim Hupfer
Stage building: Jan Römer, Torsten Oetken
Tech assistance: Jakob Edelstein

Organized by singuhr e.v.

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