unexpected territories – david tudor – lecture-demonstration 6.7., 18:00–22:00 – Villa Elisabeth
David Tudor »Island Eye, Island Ear«
Lectures, Talks, Sounds, Sketches and Videos
with Julie Martin, You Nakai, Jacob Kirkegaard, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein

In 1973 David Tudor proposed a collaborative concert, "Island Eye Island Ear," to use sound and visual elements to reveal different facets of nature on an island. Parabolic antennas would create sound beams or sound reflections of his compositions using natural sounds that he planned to record on the island. Tudor invited Fujiko Nakaya to make installations of her fog sculptures at sites of her own choosing and Jacqueline Matisse to fly her handmade kites with long tails at different places on the island. Swedish chreographer Margaretha Åsberg joined the group and planned to choreograph movement for performers holding mirrors that reflected the surrounding nature. In pursuing these ideas the group, accompanied by Billy Klüver and Julie Martin of Experiments in Art and Technology, traveled to Knavelskär, where they researched the island’s topography, physiographical features, vegetation, wind and weather patterns, and water sources. Tests with sound, fog, and kites were conducted.
The group researched several island locations over the next years: first Yeo Island in the St. Lawrence Seaway; and then they worked extensively on Boulder and Bluff Island in Saranac Lake in New York State. While the project was never accomplished in Tudor’s lifetime, it continues to inspire and motivate efforts to realize its ideas.

The presentation on "Island Eye Island Ear" will begin with a review of the history of the original project by Julie Martin, followed by John Driscoll’s presentation of CIE’s and Tudor’s work on focused speakers. Phil Edelstein will present the proposal he developed to produce a version of the concert on Governors Island, in New York harbor. He will also present a voice-based sound composition using interviews from the original project team that illuminates the ideas surrounding efforts to produce the work. You Nakai will outline plans for a performance of Island Eye Island Ear he is producing in Japan; and Jacob Kirkegaard will present a performance using recordings made on Knavelskär in 1973 and during a trip Martin, Nakai, and he made to the island in the summer of 2019.


1 - ENTRY PHOTOS/VIDEOS – Julie Martin

Island Eye Island Ear project evolution – Julie Martin (30 min)
CIE Focused Loudspeaker Research Project (1980) – John Driscoll (15 min)

Audio montage of collaborators interviews – Phil Edelstein (15-20 min)

Discussion of new IEIE realization possibilities (45 min)

Audio montage – Phil Edelstein (15 min)

6 - KNAVELSKAR INTERVENTION – Jacob Kirkegaard / You Nakai (30-40 min)

Admission free

Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin