unexpected territories – david tudor – workshops 4.7. + 5.7., 15:00–21:00 – Berlin School of Sound (ACUD)

The workshop program includes three two-day workshops. It is organised in cooperation with the Berlin School of Sound at ACUD.

Workshop 1
Michael Johnsen »Acoustic and electronic feedback as a compositional tool«
This workshop will observe, appreciate, and occasionally harness the unruly elemental energies of feedback which flow in the heart of all electronic sounds. Feedback is fundamental enough to be feared and avoided by traditional safe practitioners. Working from the circuit scale to open spaces, we’ll find feedback at home and try to make friends with it. Some familiarity with the tools of analog electronic sound or general tinkering would be helpful, but is not required.

Workshop 2
John Driscoll »Speaking in Tongues – workshop with ultrasonic instruments«
IIn this workshop John Driscoll enables participants to explore a variety of ultrasonic feedback sound generators based on his work-in-progress Speaking in Tongues. Each instrument created has a distinct voice and character due to slight physical movement of reflectors using an assortment of playful mechanical and motorized controllers. No technical familiarity is needed. The workshop will lead to an ensemble performance of multiple instruments.

Workshop 3
Phil Edelstein »Resonance and Space«
Instrumental objects, modular and standalone circuits, transducers, contact microphones, room sound and their various permutations, as well as software convolutions will all be used in this workshop to explore sonic possibilities. Participants are encouraged to bring all manner of gadgetry to use in this exploration. Prerequisite is a basic understanding or interest with analog or digital audio techniques for performances and installations.


Berlin School of Sound, ACUD, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin