singuhr — hoergalerie 2007 — 2014
sound installation art in berlin

edited by Carsten Seiffarth und Markus Steffens,
Heidelberg (KEHRER-Verlag) 2015. 272 pages.
Includes DVD with 34 Audio Tracks
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-86828-493-5 / € 39,00




singuhr — hoergalerie in parochial 1996 — 2006

edited by Carsten Seiffarth and Markus Steffens,
Heidelberg (KEHRER-Verlag) 2010. 296 pages with 280 illustrations.
Includes DVD (with 74 Audio tracks)
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-939583-23-3 / € 39,00

Rarely enough do we get the opportunity to study the development of an art form from its very inception. The exhibition activities of the singuhr - hoergalerie in parochial berlin from 1996 until 2006 now give us this chance. For shat is to date still a unique project - the presentation of sound art in a permanent location - the initiators could well have earned an international "Who is Who" in the field of sound art. Their program has met with an unusually enthusiastic response from visitors, artists and the media: over 50.000 interested people have visited the gallery's exhibitions thus far. This catalog now presents for the first time a workbook of all of the gallery's exhibition projects, thus providing an overview of the development of sound art since 1990.

singuhr — hoergalerie in parochial: Klangkunst — Ausstellungen 1996 — 1998

edited by Susanne Binas and Carsten Seiffarth,
Saarbrücken (PFAU-Verlag) 1998. 122 pages with 26 illustrations.
ISBN-Nr. 3-89727-055-2 / € 19,50

The singuhr sound gallery in parochial: Sound art - Exhibitions 1996-1998, Symposium 1998 is now available. It documents the exhibitions of the singuhr sound gallery up to 1998, and includes entries from the artists themselves where they reflect upon their work. In addition to this, the catalogue also presents speeches and discussion held at the Sound-Art-Spaces symposium, a forum that artists, scientists and exhibition makers gathered at in Autumn 1998 in order to discuss the phenomenon of »sound art« from an aesthetic and cultural-political point of view.
The book is only available in German.