singuhr — projects

»singuhr — projects« is conceived as a decentralized, nationally and internationally linked platform that aims to promote the development of sound art on various levels and to shape the field together with artists, scholars and intermediaries. »singuhr — projects« is a logical extension of the artistic work of the »singuhr — hoergalerie«, which has not only presented up-and-coming and well-known, national and international sound artists in Berlin since 1996, but also drawn attention to the overlapping creative areas of audiovisual art and media production by staging performative projects as well as providing discourse and mediation programs of its own.

The desire to present installation-based sound art provided the conceptual framework for the gallery. The focus was on works that were specifically conceived for and subsequently realized in the spaces used by the gallery. At first the work of »singuhr — hoergalerie in parochial« was concentrated on the spaces of the Baroque Parochialkirche (Parochial Church) in Berlin Mitte, where 55 exhibition projects were undertaken between 1996 and 2006, before the city’s two historic cisterns in Prenzlauer Berg became the central presentation venue, along with smaller project spaces, for a total of 33 »singuhr — hoergalerie« exhibitions from 2007 to 2013.

Since 2014, »singuhr — projects«’s work has been focused on both the securing of new arrangements for the production of site-specific art — for instance through the awarding of project-related artist residencies — and on the development of an increasing number of co-operative, discursive and theoretical formats. At the same time, »singuhr — projects« continues to stand for the production of local exhibitions and projects of widely varying natures as well as increasingly also for internationally oriented production and discourse activities. The range extends here from large open-air concerts with site-specific compositions, to residency and exhibition collaborations with art museums and other institutions in the city, all the way to the curatorial development and realization of international exchange projects.