sebastián jatz rawicz born 1980 in Santiago de Chile
Composer, translator and bell ringer.

In 2008 Sebastián Jatz Rawicz founded »arsomnis« ( with which he has carried out large scale works such as »Musicircus« by John Cage, »Vexations« by Erik Satie and »Reunion« by John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, as well as his own »One Hundred Extended Geometrical Chords«. He has made numerous sound interventions, both individual and collective, in public and institutional spaces both in Chile and abroad. His work uses diverse and experimental sound sources, intersecting timelessness, disciplines and reflections from literary, philosophical and even religious realms, with an an autonomous and critical perspective. Simultaneity, an expanded notion of music over extended times and spaces, collectivity and metaphorical qualities, among others, are permanent axes of his proposal.
As a translator he has published plays by Jan Fabre, three books of interviews with John Cage and Joseph Kosuth and two books by the American conceptual poet Kenneth Goldsmith, among several others.
He is a bell ringer and founder of »Campaneros de Santiago«.